At Bi-fold Door Kings we are passionate about Hurst Doors. The designers at Hurst create their doors with both aesthetic appeal and functionality in mind.

With an extensive selection of door styles, glazing designs, color options, and hardware choices available, you'll undoubtedly discover the ideal door for your home.

Hurst Composite Doors

Hurst composite doors represents an innovation in door technology, seamlessly blending exceptional security features with captivating aesthetics.

It's a door that embodies both unmatched strength and beautiful design.

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What are the benefits of Hurst Composite Doors?

Hurst composite doors are a breakthrough in door technology, combining proven levels of high security with stunning aesthetics. Quite simply, it’s a door with exceptional strength and style.

Below is a breakdown of the varying elements that make a Rock Door Composite Door one of the leading composite door manufacturers.

What Makes Hurst Composite Doors Thermally Efficient?

The exact energy rating of your new door depends on various factors such as the door style and amount of glazing. However, all feature our high-density polyurethane foam core, which provides an insulating thermal barrier between warm air inside and the cold air outside.

This special core maximises the thermal efficiency of your new composite door, making it more energy-efficient than a traditional solid timber core door. You can be assured that this thermally insulated core is also environmentally friendly with a Global Warming Potential of less than five and an Ozone Depletion Score of zero.

High-Performance Insulated Composite Doors

Not only do Hurst doors feature a high-performing insulating core with a high-impact GRP skin, but they also feature:

  • a multi-chamber thermally efficient frame with high-tech triple seal
  • an external door gasket and adjustable hinges to deliver a firm and consistent compression between the door frame and sash to stop any drafts
  • a weatherproof threshold, plus weather seal and wool pile barriers to reduce the airflow under and around the door
  • double or triple glazing to reduce heat loss
  • Hurst composite doors are also proven to the BS:EN 6375 classification for weather tightness, air, wind and water providing peace of mind that you are protected from the elements



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What are Hurst's Composite Door Security Features?

Protect your home from the threat of intrusion with a Hurst Composite door. Find out more about the superior strength, durability and security each of our doors provides.

Our doors are supplied with the latest engineered multi-point locking systems which are PAS 24 accredited and meet the highest standards for enhanced security performance. All our lever doors feature a multipoint locking system that is set up for smart technology which enables you to check on the status of your door via your smartphone. The doors also provide one of the UK’s largest hooks and centre deadbolt, which makes for greater compression and security on your door.

Our multipoint Slam Locks, which are generally paired with pull handles, are also PAS 24 accredited. The mechanical self-locking system ensures that the door is securely locked against uninvited entry when simply pulled shut.

We also use the latest anti-bump and anti-snap cylinder locks made from hardened steel to make your door even more secure.

Secure and Durable Composite Doors

Hurst composite doors are made with an insulating foam core which is both supported by a reinforced frame and high impact, 4mm glass reinforced polyester (GRP) skins on either side of the door.

This construction provides exceptional durability and the GRP skin adds a layer of protection to your front door, helping to keep you and your property safe



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