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Building Regulations for Composite Doors

What is the Guidance with Composite Door Installations & Building Regulations?

Whether you're renovating a period property or giving your modern home a facelift, installing a composite door can be a fantastic upgrade. But before you hammer in the first nail, it's essential to understand the relevant building regulations to ensure your new entrance meets all the necessary standards.


Do I need building regulations for a composite door installation?

In most cases, yes, installing a new composite door will require Building Regulations approval, as it qualifies as a "controlled fitting".
This means it must comply with several regulations, primarily focusing on safety, fire, energy efficiency, and accessibility.


Key regulations to consider:

  • Part A (Structure): This ensures the stability and structural integrity of the building after the door opening is created or modified. If your door widens the existing opening, additional support might be needed.
  • Part B (Fire safety): For doors with glazing within 1 meter of a boundary, fire-resistant glass must be used.
  • Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power): The door must meet specific thermal performance standards to minimize heat loss. This typically involves a U-value (a measure of insulation) below 1.8 W/m²K.
  • Part M (Accessibility): If the door provides access to public buildings or dwellings, it must be easily accessible for people with disabilities. This includes minimum door width, threshold height, and manoeuvrability considerations.


Additional factors:

  • Location: Specific requirements might vary depending on the location of your property and its proximity to boundaries.
  • Glazing: The type and size of glazing in your door will impact fire safety and thermal performance regulations.
  • Opening direction: Regulations might dictate the direction the door should swing to ensure safe escape routes.


Useful Resources Regarding Building Regulations for Composite Door Installations:

  • LABC (Local Authority Building Control) website:
  • The Building Regulations 2010: http: //